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Prices? Good or bad?

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I have been looking at used QCs. I am Canadian and can't buy new in the US. Just curious what you guys think of the prices on 2 vehicles I was looking at. One is an 07, 6.7L QC 2500 long, 6 speed manual SLT with 17000 miles and they are asking $29,999 and the other is an 06, 5.9L QC 3500 long, 6 speed manual big horn with 25000 miles for 27K. Not sure what trucks are going for down there and whether or not these are good prices or not. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and thanks for all the other help from my other posts.
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I'm also from Canada and just so you have a comparison I bought a brand new 08 2500 6.7L SLT for $38600 last week, sticker price was $57,000. Those prices you listed actually seem like a decent price.
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