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prescott area

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just want to see whos on here from the prescott area im kind of new to diesels and forums for that matter...
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i'm down in new river, but travel to prescott pretty often. (gf's family and a few of my buddies live in the area)
cool man yeah i work with a guy that lives in new river also maybe you've seen his truck its a huge lifted brown ford f250 extended cab
ext. cab short bed 6.0?
yeah that sounds right
haha yeah I've met him quite a few times. I work at the discount tire in anthem. Been workin on that truck for years. is he back to work now? I know he got hurt. Said knee surgery if I remember right?
lol yeah he had a bum knee and was off for a while thats him though! his names josh : )
seems like a cool guy. josh sounds right. I meet so many customers a day, hard to keep all the names straight. But i'll keep an eye out next time I'm up that way. Feel free to say hi.
sounds good
I primarily live in Tempe but go up there every couple months to visit my folks. Graduated PHS in '09, I remember when my pops common rail was one of the first modded diesels in that town haha
Right on bro yeah I don't see a whole lot of tuned trucks up here just a couple :)
I spend a lot of time up there hunting, and wife has a lot of family up there... hopefully moving up there soon as well.
Nice man yeah I love Prescott the summers are amazing $35 power bills no need to run ac. I hunt a lot up here too awesome hunting and it's close to all the good units ;)
I visit and sometimes work in the area. I wish I could get the wife convinced to move up there.

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I work all over the state Prescott and flag are my fav places flags just a lil to cold for me ;)
Have a buddy that lives up there drives a blacked out 2nd gen with fuels and 35in M/T's. custom road armor style bumper...
Where does he work I may know that truck
Sells/repairs crazy arse golf carts...
Yes I do know that truck right off 69 in prescott valley I believe it's a flatbed and there's another I think goldish dodge there too they park in the ditch lol
His truck isn't a flatbed (unless something changed in the last couple weeks) but he does park in the ditch :thumbsup:...
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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