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Prepurchase questions, things to look for?

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Currently have a 2008 ram 6.7 with a g56, and realized after installing double disc clutch that I want an auto or something else. I've decided to keep my eyes open for a nice used 2012-2014 ram... and was looking for stuff to look out for.. .and a few questions

1) Is the 68rfe a decent transmission? I had 47re or whatever in an old cummins truck I had, and it turned into quite the nightmare and quick (with totally stock truck). I dont intend on tuning the motor or anything, just leaving bone stock.

2) Are there any common problem areas you guys can recommend I look at before purchasing? I've got terrible terrible luck buying used. (my current truck has clean carfax, but found out they didnt change fuel filter in like 30k mi, cab is diff white than the bed, bed was kind of beatup under the bed liner etc) I'll know to look out for those things.

3) DEF, was 2013 the first years of the DEF? And does DEF improve mpg vs just the old regen where it dumped diesel into the dpf?
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i have a 2011 crew long and love it. 85k on it now with a lot of hard pulling and no hiccups with the 68rfe. replaced the turbo at 72k (exhaust brake stuck on).
that being said a buddy of mine has a 2014 and the obvious differences i have noticed were that the ride is better with the coils in back and the fuel mileage is significantly better,and i like the center console better also.that being said he blows through DEF like you wouldn't believe. he has barely 13k on it now and tows about half what i do and has gone through 30 gallons of DEF. he has a whine at about 30-38 miles per hour which I'm told is the new Asian trans.hope this helps
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