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Ppump 12v cummins backfires.

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I’ve owned my 12 valve for about six months and I’ve been redoing it the entire time and I knew it ran and sounded great when it ran but today I decided to give her some beans after sitting for two days and it backfired. Not sure if this is something to be concerned about but I don’t know any engine mods it has when I got it I wasn’t told much about performance parts. But it rolls a little bit, so I think it’s got better injectors.
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1998 Ram 2500 Nv4500 4wd 3.54
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Back fired, a funny term for a fuel injected diesel engine. So was this "backfire" after hammering down with a sudden release of the throttle?
Yea sorry im 17 not a whole lotta knowledge up there, still learning you know? But it was just 2 pops and then ran fine.
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