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i was told that i could open my front diff. cover and weld chunks of metal rods inbetween the gears to make it posi up front since the only time i need 4 wheel is when im off road and stuff is this true? wat are some problems i could run into wit this? i know i cant do it on the rear cause it would really F some stuff up

I did this to my "half ton" short bed dodge 150 mud truck. I welded the spiders up in front and back and never got stuck again. I would absolutely never do it to truck that was going to hit the pavement. My truck was trailered to and from the mudhole. I would just leave one hub unlocked until I wanted to get nasty because with
42's in the sand going around all the trails it would get tough to steer with it locked. I would never do it with a diesel. Waaaaay too much weight in front for a "Lincoln locker"
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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