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I'm new to the power game.I have a 98.5 24V with 247K. Where do I start.I pull a 30' equipment trailer.About 25Klbs loaded.I think 400 HP should be a good place to start.What is the first step?
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i would get gauges and an aftermaket lift pump, and a programmer if you haven't already. The programmer will make a big difference, just make sure you trans is ready to handle any upgrades
deffinately need a lift pump airdog, raptor or fass. and gauges etc. fuel pressure, egt, tranny temp if its and auto. then a better tranny and then programmer like edge juice w/ attitude or addrenaline with pulse....

List your truck's profile so these guys can help you better. Lots of sharp minds on this site. Twogun

Thanks for the info. Now I know where to start.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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