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Power windows question

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Ok, I know some of you out there know all about the electronics in the 3rd generation dodges. So tell me... What kind of wiring is needed for the power windows setup on the quad cabs? I know it'll need Door wiring harnesses. What about under-dash wiring harnesses?

I'm assuming for a stock setup for power windows I'll need door panels (all 4), window motors& regulators (all 4), stock switches, door wiring harnesses, && possibly under-dash wiring harness... What about under-hood harness? I looked in my fuse box under the hood and it has fuses in the power windows slot. It also has fuses in the power locks slot truck has neither of those. So I'm hoping there is plugins for the door harnesses if they went to the trouble and extra expense to include me two extra fuses for something that's not even on the truck. So is there a harness to plug the door wiring harnesses into with my stock harness or do I have to do a total cab wiring harness replacement to get power to my winders?

Mine has the plain-jane roll up windows, Am I gonna need more than just the door wiring harnesses? If so, what other harnesses do I need? I've replaced the entire wiring harness (under hood and under dash) on a cummins before, but it was a 1st gen that caught fire. I'm sure these 3rd gens have a LOT more wiring than those did though. Help me out fellas. I know someone around here has to have been deep into one of these rigs before that'd know. :)
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