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Power Steering Bleeding?

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So I just replaced my steering gear box following the manufacturer's instructions. Connected lines, flushed fluids, and filled the reservoir expecting to bleed it by working the wheel back and forth. I jacked up the front end and worked the wheel several (10+) times to each stop but it doesn't get any easier doesn't seem to be bleeding. I cracked the high pressure line expecting high pressure fluid but nothing. not sure whats going on. Any suggestions?

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Mine leaks all the way dry, all I do it fill it back up and drive away. Not sure what your problem could be, adjust the gear box?
jack it up again and run it and turn it lock to lock for a while it should bleed the air out .
Air pocket in the pump. Mine did this after replacing the box. A vacuum pump can suck the fluid through the pressure hose then you can bleed it out.

I would try not to run the pump till there was fluid coming out.
Make sure to use regular power steering fluid, not lucas or other fluid that is thick or it will take forever. I believe I had best luck bleeding the system with the engine turned off. It kept the fluid from foaming as much.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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