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POV emergency lighting

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New truck means an excuse to re visit my lighting options. Going to to for a LED stealth commander visor light and a Strobes n more dual color E66 in the rear. Whats everyone running?
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Did you end up doing this... About to upgrade to a new 13 from my tundra! I am a VFD member and depending on where the call is located I run POV to the scene. I'm looking into feniex LEDs.
I'm running Whelen Vertex LED's in my fogs, Whelen Flasher on my reverse lights and the LED tails, Able 2 Sho Me switch touch pad, and I have a 40" double bar LED on order from MVS, It's a chameleon, couldn't go wrong, Amber for when I plow, Blue for emergency response, with traffic advisor and 19 patterns!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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