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Pot on Pressure Sensor

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Seen all the info on putting a potentiomete in place of the pressure sensor to get rid of the cat full message. Where is that sensor? I've got all the threads and wire colors even the setting of the pot to make it count down. Just not the location....any help would be appreciated as I would like to get that Pot on there and get rid of that message.
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The pressure sensor is mounted on the pass. side of the tranny. Follow the pressure lines coming out of the DPF and you will find it. :thumbsup
Here is a pic of mine, hope this helps.
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Thanks guys. Either of you put a potentiometer on this for a cat full message?
No not yet! I am going to when I get time to do it.
hmmmm that the same one that on the truck version
No not yet! I am going to when I get time to do it.
you have the cat full message?
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