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Possible pending VP44 failure?

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I posted a few weeks back in the 911 about how my truck just quit at 4am one night cold turkey on a stretch when i was accelerating and wouldnt fire again. Well as fate would have it, it was finals week and I, unfortunately, was not the one that worked on it.

My uncle got ahold of it and checked the fuel pressure, bled the air lines, etc. All checked out fine and then it went to running again. Their official diagnosis: I ran it to low on fuel somehow and it still showed 1/4 tank. To test that I ran it down to right above the empty mark yesterday no problem, even had 2 gallons left when i filled her up.

Now the reason for this post, since that irritating night, ive noticed my crank time has been getting noticably longer before she fires over. It doesnt happen all the time, but often enough to make me think its not going to start some times. Heck, when i first bought and up to that night it id barely have to touch the key before it would turn over.

Earlier today I was doing a job for a famliy friend that owns a performance machine shop and he mentioned that a similar thing happened to a buddy of his. The truck would just randomly shut off every once in a while. He said it was possibly a dying injection pump and putting an ice pack on it when it does it might help.

Could those be the symptoms of pending doom for my VP44?

Im thinking I might go ahead and tap the VP with my edge comp and have some fun before the funeral.

Whats a rebuilt VP44 run? A buddy of mine was cleaning out his garage and found one that he got for his truck he departed with a while back but never installed. He offered it to me for $800 and it seems my truck might very well be making the decision for me :$:

Whatta you all think?
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Do not buy a used VP44 especially if it's been sitting for a while. Odds are that it'll die on you faster than the previous pump. Let me know if I can answer any questions. :thumbsup
The first problem with most VP44 deaths is the minimum fuel pressure. Over at Blue Chip they say 5 PSI is fine. A lot of people say it fine at 7-8 PSI...

But the truth is right from Dodge Factory Service Manual!

You never want the pressure below 10 PSI...

Second you might want to check for error codes...
OBD II Error Codes

But you most likely right the VP44 is going...
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I cant vouch for before my fass, but for the last 20k miles the pressure just before the injection pump has been holding right around 14 psi and has never dropped below 12psi.

Error codes also came up clean, not a one.

I dont know how my buddy stored the injection pump, so after a second thought i agree that its not worth the risk of getting a bad pump.

do you all think a new rebuilt pump is just as good as a brand new pump? I know it depends largely on the rebuilder, but for such a price difference is it worth it not to go brand new?
I tend to favor the rebuilt ones knowing that the bugs or faults in the orignal design is possibly fixed or updated...:w:
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