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Possible PCM issues

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So I’m at a loss and wondering if anyone else has had this issue. The issue I’m having is the dreaded No Wait to Start, Water in Fuel, no Tach, and Charging system not working in my 1995 Cummins. I replaced the ESS with a new one from Cummins and still dead in the water, I have also replaced the ignition switch. The PCM is getting power, sometimes cycling the key a bunch of times gets the PCM to power the Grid heaters, and everything works. I can drive it for 20 minutes to an hour and it has no issues. As soon as I shut it off and wait 30 minutes the issue comes back. I have cleaned all the grounds I can find, checked for broken wires, but still the issue is there. Has anyone had this issue before and found a fix? Thanks in advance.
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