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Possible injector issue??!

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Two days ago under a hard run I heard a pop and truck started running terrible, massive amounts of white smoke, rpms jumping around bad... Thought was the bully dog I had on it so uninstalled that and after a few minutes of running cleared up and ran fine. Fast forward to today the smarty s06 finally got here installed it on level 4 60hp no added timing to compare it to the bully dog and what a difference... Decided to play jumped to #7 160 added timing and it hit around 2900-3100 rpms and right back to the white smoke terrible idle the works, it's following along with a injector issue but since iv never seen one go out on these motors I don't know for sure any help or thoughts?
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the white smoke is the confusing part. there is two plugs near the rail, in line pins with 6 wires each, check the ohms on each pair of wires, should read 0.4 to 0.5 ohms, find one over 1 ohm it is bad. check for any P-codes. a fca or a cascade overflow valve can cause some weird problems. get a rail pressure gauge to see what the rail is doing
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