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Possible injector issue??!

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Two days ago under a hard run I heard a pop and truck started running terrible, massive amounts of white smoke, rpms jumping around bad... Thought was the bully dog I had on it so uninstalled that and after a few minutes of running cleared up and ran fine. Fast forward to today the smarty s06 finally got here installed it on level 4 60hp no added timing to compare it to the bully dog and what a difference... Decided to play jumped to #7 160 added timing and it hit around 2900-3100 rpms and right back to the white smoke terrible idle the works, it's following along with a injector issue but since iv never seen one go out on these motors I don't know for sure any help or thoughts?
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So far no codes have come up, checked with smarty and a code reader I bought from autozone years back and neither are showing any codes.... Pulled the fuel filter and it's ruined can wipe black grime off of it (4 months old) so bad fuel is a possibility but today pulled the dip stick and have burned roughly a gallon of oil in about 5 miles of driving home last night after problems arose
I have a fuel filter full of grime and some metal shavings, clearly not running on all cylinders, the internet is like web md when it comes to finding issues could be lift pump, blown turbo, injectors, electrical issue which I doubt at this point, cracked injector or bad orings I'm at a loss and don't have the resources to throw parts at it, the ohm test is what I'm trying next just to eliminate that and checking for oil in intercooler piping, that ends up being alright what's next, how to test a lift pump failure?
Not a spot of oil or anything in turbo piping turbo feels as tight as it's always been none of the electrical tests iv found have come up with anything out of the ordinary, no fuel smell from the oil cap just a slight white puff of smoke as usual...blow by tube doesn't have oil dripping out of it and puffs just a little smoke barely visible but there is air coming out the way it always has yet over half of the oil has gone into the cylinders and out the exhaust.... Does any one have a clue cuz I'm at my wits end
Possible lift pump? What's got me is the fact that it's acted like this on Monday removed bully dog problems went away, install smarty on a high level and right back it came only this time once smarty is uninstalled problem hasn't left, I can't think cp3 went out, came back and went out again...... After a entire day of checking and testing it's either injectors or something else in the fuel or ECM control of the fuel system, raw fuel is being dumped into the cylinders. Hope to try a injector kill test tonight if that shows nothing then it's onto the pump I guess
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