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:agree2:I was worried when I first read this... thought I forgot how to do math or something. This weekend I calculated 23.9 one way and 21.3 coming back (I can still adverage 18 with all in town driving and 15-17 towing- depends on weight)- mind you this is a 4x4 rig too. I keep it under 65mph and 2,000 RPMS. I drive it like a grandma, use KLEEN additive or Howes, there is no exhaust just pipe, Big KN Air, and I run Lucas treatment in the oil and gear boxes. I also run the chip on either mileage setting or going up long grades I bump it to the 90hp setting to keep the rig from lugging and try to keep the boost number low when I can. I also coast when the oppertunity arises. I'd say 80% is how you drive and the conditions and the other 20% is how well the rig is running and tunned
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