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PLX Gauges...

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I saw a link to the PLX Gauges, I really like the looks of them but not sure about them. I have heard others talk about other gauges and I have had Auto-meter gauges on my Toyota Tacoma, loved them. I would like to run something to let me know EGT, Boost, and ATF temp. I pull some heavy loads at times, and if all goes well, I will be getting a large 5th wheel in the next year. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I was thinking about the OBII gauge, not sure why, but looks like it would get lots of info, I would add a couple other gauges that would get everything I am wanting if needed. Any other ideas about different set up or thoughts on the PLX stuff appericated too. I do not plan to mod my truck for some time, need to work on the dealership and make sure what they are Ok with.
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