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First, I ask that this thread not turn into a "how much HP do I have? " I'd appreciate ONLY thoes who have dyno'd their trucks to post what they have for mod's (turbo,stix's etc) and what their HP/TQ was .All the info is in the forum but it gets buried quickly, as guys start polluting the thread, and derailing it

If all the info is in one place you could easily see what someone is running for mods, and compare them to your own to get an educated guess at hp/tq.

By keeping the thread on topic, it will help from having to sift thru pages of posts to find answers

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648 hp didnt get a torque number lol everything is in my sig :headbang:

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446Hp 1028Tq

mods -
II Hot Rod vp
fass 150
100Hp inj.
4" Ats dual tbe
3 piece ats exhaust manifold
fuel box
K&N cai
Hx35 turbo
I think thats it??

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1 run with adrenaline off, 4 runs with it on.
quad adrenaline w/pulse (comp 2 tune)
stock clutch
stock sticks
aum brute force intake with very dirty air filter
factory exhaust w/muffler delete
boost elbow on stock turbo
holley blue pump inline with in-tank retro pump (23psi idle 14 wot)
fp gauge
315/75R16 tires 4.10 gears

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511hp 1012tq
everything in my i got now but had FBD 220 hp injectors and no water/meth
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100hp sticks
edge juice with hot, and no the hot unlock added NO MORE power just raises defuel.
stock turbo drilled out
damn good converter to make the power stick.

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as you can see my second run was 444.5hp and 943tq at the time my mods were...

S&B intake
4" exhaust
Fass 150
Quad Adrenaline ADR3000 tune
BD hi-performance VP44
DDP 110 hp injectors
Stock hx35 w/boost elbow (hit 43psi on run 2)
valair clutch

since then i have stacked a smarty, and added a 3 piece manifold, HTT 62/14, and 5" exhaust... im excited to see what it will do now:thumbsup:

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353.7hp 938.2ftlb tq

Quad Adrenaline 3000G tune
SBC DD clutch
raptor 150
4" DP 5" exhaust

I need more air

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661hp 1400ish ft/lbs

monster VP
hurricane 2's
.093 billet cross tubes
edge drag comp
64/65/14 over s400
o-ringed head
FASS 150/150
south bend DD 3850 12cb rigid hub
snow performance water methanol
ported HTT manifold
AFE intake arc
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mass diesel 150hp sticks
edge on max
smarty/revo on max
stock turbo!!!
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