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Please need help with leds

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I installed 3157 anzo led turn signals today on my 2011. I bought the 25w6.2ohm resistors from xdp. They won't flash when my lights are on. I tried the resistor on every wires possible and still no difference. They will flash with the lights off but as soon is I turn the running lights on they go solid. Anyone have any ideas? Possibly the wrong size resistor ? And the resistors get hot as they should. Thanks
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The old non led bulbs work fine. The led bulbs come on solid but won't flash. But if I turn the running lights off they will flash. Could the resistor need to be bigger than 25 watt?
Does the same thing with or without the resistor. will only blink with running lights off. But when I turn them in they won't blink they just stay solid
Does anyone think I should use a 50 watt resistor instead of the 25. Could that be my problem. Just hoping I didn't waste my money on these bulbs. Any help is appreciated
Anyone have more input? I ordered 50w 6ohm resistors today.
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