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Please Help!!

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I left my house on the way to my fiancee's house and bout a mile from my house the truck just shut off!!! AND WOULD NOT START BACK, the starter never even offered to engage. The check engine light was flashin real fast tho. I unhooked both batteries for bout 2-3 minutes. The truck fired up so I turned around and headed home, well i made it bout half way back and the gauges went freakin crazy but the truck still ran....for bout 10 more seconds then just shut off again, check engine flashin fast again and the same thing over again as the first time. I finally got my dad to tow me home (with his 01 cummins) and i had a buddy come see if he could pull the codes and this is what we got: P2509, P0191. Best I can find out one is Powerdown Data Lost Error, and the other is Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Performance. I cleared the codes and the truck just purrs like a kitten at idle. I'm just freakin nervous about drivin it again cuz i don't wanna repeat. Has anybody had this happen? Is it ok to drive now that the codes are cleared? WHAT'S GOIN ON?? SOMEBODY HELP ME OUT HERE!! :banghead:
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failing internally shorted batt, intermittent, set off by road bumps.

loose engine, ECU, battery grounds/bonding straps.

loose ECU connector.
Check all of your grounds. We can't tell how old your truck batteries are, but like steelhead01 said check your batteries.

Well my batteries are only as old as my truck, and it's an 07. The truck is my daily driver so they haven't been drained by long periods of sitting. I mean the truck already has 81000 miles on it. But anyways that sounds like it would cover the powerdown data loss, but what about the fuel pressure sensor? That's the one that worries me. OR if there was a problem with a battery would it trip that one too? I mean is that just a random code that got tossed out? I just took the truck out for a test run and I dogged it pretty good and had absolutely ZERO problems at all. Would clearing the codes solve the problem?:confused013:
A loose ground can cause all kinds of electrical problems, not just the usual dim lights/won't start condition. This is because just about everything runs through the computer(ECU). It takes a very small deviation in the voltage for the computer to trip a code, and that is what can happen with a loose ground.

In addition to a loose ground, your batteries can also be at fault. Batteries fail due to excessive vibration or shocks. Everything can look OK on the outside, but they can fail internally.

In summary, when you have two or more electrical problems that are happening simultaneously, checking grounds is one of the first places to start.
batterys can go bad for know reason have them checked even if its an 07 ie man mad in mexico lol
losing power will make other sensors go and do weird things too, your rail sensor might be fine, but from what you said earlier, i would take a guess at a bad battery connection or ecu connection, of some sort, if the gauges jumped around crazy, that seems to me as a loose connection somewhere.
allright thanx fellas, the truck seems to be fine now ever since the codes were cleared. I did check my grounds and both were fine, I guess if it happens again i will fork out for new batteries.
My terminal was loose on one of my batteries from the factory. Not the one to the post but one of the nuts that have all the wires attached. That made mine do tricks! Clean and tighten these before throwing money at it.
Ok, new question....same subject matter. I found a loose ground wire on one of the batteries, fixed it cleared codes again and the truck seems to be ok....EXCEPT...I now have a sort of popping noise comin from the exhaust. At first i thought i had an empty pop can in the bed floppin around. That's kinda sorta what it sounds like except there aint no pop can. It's wierd cuz it don't do it all the time. The only time I can hear it is in 6th cruisin at like 60 or so. I immediately thought exhaust leak, but I can't see that since it ain't doin it all the time. The truck seems to run fine so I don't figure it's too serious. My thought is this: When the truck shut down due to the powerdown data loss thang or whatever, it screwed with my computer settings and now maybe my injector timing or somethin like that is off just a shade. Does this make any sense or does somebody have another idea??
AND I also discovered that one of the codes that was thrown was not what i thought it was! The P2509 code i thought was powerdown data lost error, on the code list on here it says somethin totally different: P2509 ECM/PCM Power Input Signal Intermittent. What tha heck does that mean? Is it still due to loose cables? Or is it somethin worse?

also read this sticky tread from top of forum
often causes P2509 and the problems you describe
Bad Red never mentioned what year your truck is. There is a TSB for the P0191 that fixes the fuel rail issue and the battery temp issue. Mine freaked out at a it started just long enough to pull into the dealer. They had to reflash the ECM...problem solved. Sometimes its not always hard parts.

Steelhead01...I looked a that little wire described on that thread...wasn't worn through, but covered it with 1/4" fuel hose anyways. Good thread guys!
hey lonestar, where can I find a list of TSB's for my truck?
You know...I thought there was a sticky for them, but I could be wrong. TSB #18-022-07 is the one that applied to my truck...Do a search on it or Google it. It changes the rational function of the fuel rail...they even boosted my fuel volume with their scan tool. The rail would not recover fast enough and eventually it tripped the ECM. They wrote it all up on the work order I received from the dealer.
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