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Please help me figure out what my exhaust is

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I bought my truck used at the dodge dealership like 5 months ago. Well we now have to smog and that really sucks because all I have done is have the dealership fix problem after problem, now I don't have any oem stuff. I have pics here taken from under my truck, so bare with me it was raining and in mud so the pics might be upside down, not sure. Do I have a cat? Not sure what this round thing is. The muffler looking things says maganaflow on it and so does the tip. I think I have a 5" exhaust from the turbo back to this round thing, then straight to a muffler looking thing, then straight to the tip which I am assuming is 6" and maganaflow. What do I have, I am hoping I can pass smog with this stuff. Thanks guys...

hopefully these links work...
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yep, you have a cat and muffler. you should pass just fine!
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