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has anyone ran into an antifreeze leak on the driver side? i have checked the bypass hose near turbo and its fine. i have a 06 2500 hd all i can seem to see is occasionally dripping antifreeze from near the front driver side of engine. head sealing area looks dry. there is a wire bundle that runs between the p/s pump and block and it shows signs of being wet. also the actual drip comes from the plug on crank sensor. pressure tested today and holds pressure well. dosent drip every pulling what little hair i have left out. any suggestions would be appriciated, thank you in advance,jim
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check rad tank on that side, as well as upper rad hose. i had a truck and the upper hose got lazy, started to get weak i guess and it sagged down onto the pulley and worn a very small hole in it, only leaked when i was driving, and when the fan gets factored in, it blows it everywhere, very hard to find. i found it by grabbing all the hoses and checking them, squeezing them, heater hoses, everything, doing this warm, but not hot, only say that cause you could burn your hand, or wear a glove.
i have seen the rad tanks split too, but just a small split, where it only leaked once in a while.

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can also add UV coolant dye to the radiator coolant.
use a black light. any leaks, seeps, drips, mist, dried coolant shows up like a nuclear reactor in meltdown.

avail in auto parts stores
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