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PLEASE ANYONE injector ?

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I have bullydogs step 4's and im very unhappy with my mpg 17-21 when stock with the adrenaline i was getting 19-25... The smoke gets on my nerves.. Im looking for something with a little more power and a better brand not sure to go with dragflows or mach4.5's help plz???
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sometimes i get as low as 14 empty...
i dont think you could go wrong with 4.5's..either those or ddp is always a good option!!
I would be thinking about a turbo upgrade as well if you are going to dump that much fuel in there..

DDP's and F1 usually bubble to the top of the list when injectors are discussed. If you are looking for just a little increase, the Bosch RV275's are a good choice and would work well with the stock turbo..
A larger turbo is gonna increase off boost smoke due to it not spooling up as quickly. Easy to drive around though.

Mach's would be a good choice. Bullydog injectors are kinda known to be dirty.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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