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Performance mods for 600hp?

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Well I finally made an account here since ive been finding answers to most my questions the past few years.

I know there will be at least one of y’all telling me to search for it but its just not there soo here we go yall

Ive put together a fresh build sheet for my 585-615hp goal (with help from many reputable sources) and im hoping im onto something here as i plan to build my truck by the end of next month

Heres the list and please feel free to tell me what you think about it and if there’s something you would change. I do want strong hp and the ability to occasionally tow moderately with defueling on the box. I will be expecting boost lag but i know how to properly tune and operate the skinny pedal on the right to make the most out of the setup safely

ARP 2000 Head studs

SB Street DD Clutch (550-650 organic/ceramic hybrid)
SB ADJ Clutch Assembly
Quadzilla Tuner w I-Quad
Quadzilla fuel pressure sensor
FASS 165 Lift pump
Beans Diesel Sump
Valve cover Gasket
BD SXE 364.5/80mm .80AR turbo w hx40 downpipe
BANKS High Ram
Short Throw Shifter Kit
Turbo Tuber Boost Controller
ALLOYWORKS Radiator w/ dual fans (old ones busted)
AFE BladeRunner intercooler w piping
Stainless Diesel exhaust manifold
Hamilton 188/200 cam
Hamilton #103 Springs, Extreme duty rods
Hamilton 1.45” tappets
F1 Mach 6 220 hp injectors or Mach 7 240s (looking for input on which would be the best) yes i know they can smoke like a traeger but i honestly dont care as long as egts are in check
Killer dowel pin/ crank- cover seal kit

Thanks in advance. Sorry for the lengthy post
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Might go a bit further on the clutch. I run a SB3600DD in mine. It was quiet at first. sounds like a vibratory tumbler at this point 😂 typical dual disk noise...they're only quiet for a year or two before they decide to get loud and chattery. Don't really care though. It holds the power and doesn't slip with the pedal to the metal.

Make sure you get the upgraded input shaft, and the HD hydraulics as well.

Speaking of those. my south bend HD hydros finally gave out after about 13 years. Just ordered a valair HD hydro set from Jacob's (@jkidd) shop to replace it. Nothin like havin your clutch pedal go limp on you on your way to work in the snow 😂 Luckily I was only a block from home and got the truck back in the driveway, and started it in gear a couple times to get it parked.

Looking forward to rolling around in the snow to replace it...🤦‍♂️ Least the car does well enough in the snow so long as it doesn't get too deep.

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Fair nuff. Unfortunately i did just get my clutch in the mail and yes it came with upgraded input shaft and hd hydraulics. I actually just installed my quadzilla tonight along with my corbeau xrs seats for the cherry on top. I had to hardwire my data link inputs though because the data link pigtail on the truck side was ripped even though its never been used. But after that 3 hour job i set her on level 3 just because i havent had a chance to install my fass 165 yet and holy s**t it took off like a [email protected] ape compared to my old superchips and the idle is back to butter smooth. Have a big pile of parts to install here soon. One question though… under 60-70% load im seeing only 9-11 psi of boost on the monitor, is this normal while empty or should i swap the MAP sensor
Did you put a 'boost elbow' on the turbo and adjust it? stock turbo without one will only hit about 12-16psi. boost elbow delays the waste gate opening so you can build more boost before the drive pressure in the turbine is dumped. If you do have a boost elbow on the turbo already and properly adjusted, then I'd build a boost leak tester and look for boost leaks.
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