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passenger side head light not working!!!!

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i noticed my passenger side headlight not working yesterday. so i changed bulbs to make sure it wasnt the ballast. still didnt work.............. put all my original bulbs back in still didnt work, changed the bulbs aroung still nothing. no im stuck, and want to get this solved fast so i dont get pulled over. ive checked the fuses everything looks good. now what:confused013:
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Mine is attached to the fender side of the fuse box. I have included Pics for you to see... hopefully yours is the same as mine, since mine is an '05. The one shows you what the FCM looks like, and the other one shows where it fits in under the hood. (After talking to some of the wrecking yards, I was told it can also be called the Body Control Module.)

I am haveing the same issues but now i have no low beams or fogs only high beams could it be the fuse block itself?
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