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"NONE OF THESE ITEMS ARE PERFORMANCE PARTS". Ok well i fugured i would put it in the texas section first and what does not sell will then be put in the other sections. I have a few stock items and a few aftermarket. Everything on here will have to be shipped and will be on the buyers expense! All items came out of a 04.5 (except the smoked SPYDER tail light which came off of an 06 but still fit mine) and to the best of my knowledge will with 03-05 Ram 1500-3500 with that said if you have any questions i will gladly answer them as best I can. As far as payment goes local will be great CASH ONLY and PAYPAL is excepted for others who would have to ship.

Stock Headlights With Bulbs----------$40
Passenger Side Stock Tail Light-------$10
Drivers Side Smoked SPYDER Tail Light-$30
Stock Radio/CD Player----------------$15
Vision 6000k HID 9007 H/L Bulbs Only--$15 <This is not the Bi-Xenon its HID lows with Halogen High>
Stock Head Lights
Comes with the reverse light bulb and the brake light bulb
SK 1611-RAM02 is the old code new one is ALT-YD-DRAM02-LED-SM
CD player gave me some trouble every now and again and I would simply give it a bump and it would pick the CD up fine
Original Box and Brand
6000k, 35w 12v, 9007 H/L tags
All original hookups never used these before because i bought aftermarket headlights. (just remember this is BULDS ONLY)
Bulbs have never been touched. cover has only been removed once to look at them and then the 2nd time is for this picture. (HID on the left High Beam on the right)

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