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if anyone needs some gaskets or something in the list

Qty. Part No. Description
(AR) 1 68035060AA Converter, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) - Ram Truck
2500 (DH)
(AR) 1 68035061AA Converter, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) - Ram Truck
3500 (D1)
6 06104717AA Nut, Hex Flange Lock (3 needed for DPF and 3
needed for NAC)
2 52122213AB Gasket, Exhaust Pipe (for Diesel Particulate Filter and
for the NOx Absorber Catalyst)
1 68038089AA Gasket, EGR Cooler (at rear of cooler)
1 68005465AA Gasket, EGR Cooler (natural - at front of cooler for
V-band joint)
1 68005465AA Gasket, EGR Crossover Tube (natural - driver side)
1 68027035AA Gasket, EGR Crossover Tube (metal - passenger
2 68005184AA Gasket, EGR Valve
1 68024672AA Gasket, Intake Plenum (Air Intake Connection)
(AR) 1 68035059AA Converter, NOx Absorber Catalytic (NAC)
(AR) 1 52121426AC Pipe and Converter, Exhaust (Diesel Oxidation
Catalyst - DOC)
(AR) 1 68027034AB Valve, EGR Airflow Throttle Control
(AR) 1 68005256AA Gasket, Throttle Body (EGR Airflow Throttle Control
(AR) 1 53034051AB Filter, Air
(AR) 1 68002441AB Sensor, Charge Air (Mass Air Flow Sensor)
(AR) 1 68002434AA Sensor, Temperature / Pressure (Intake Air Pressure
(AR) 1 68028729AA Cleaner, Mopar EGR System
(AR) 1 04897150AB Cleaner, Brake Parts Non-Chlorinated
(AR) 1 04897151AB Cleaner, Brake Parts Non-Chlorinated (VOC exempt)
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