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parking brake adjustment

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The parking brake on my 06 was not holding at all.

Just a post for those who might do a search as I had. I hope to make the process clear.

The parking brake has an auto adjustment mechanism built into it. Find a empty parking lot. Get the truck moving in reverse about 3 MPH or so. Next press the parking brake all the way down. When the trucks comes to a complete stop release the parking brake and repeat. After about 8 - 10 times my parking brake was working fine.

If the auto adjustment parts are rusty and the above does not work, they can be adjusted manually at each rear wheel.

Manual adjustment at the wheel.
On the back side of the rear brake assembly there is rubber plug on each side. On the passenger side it is below the axel. On the drivers side it is above the axel. They are small, the one on the drives side is difficult to see. Pry out the rubber plugs. Look inside and locate the star wheel. Using a screw driver or other device pry the star wheel downward. If they don't rotate give them a shot of penetrating oil and let it sit a bit. It's much more difficult on the driver side because the leaf spring is in the way. It might be easier to remove the drivers side tire and try to look down from the top of the disk. This side will need a short stubby screw driver or grind a special tool.

If the star wheel is frozen, remove the caliper and rotor/drum unit and lubricate the parts and adjust the shoes out till they just contact the drum. Then slide the drum off again and back them off a bit and re-install the drum, rotor and caliper. Now that it's all free use the auto adjustment procedure above.

The cable splits just under the truck below the drivers seat. Don't adjust the system with the adjusting nut which is on the cable. This is used to set up so system so they pull the same amount. The shoe adjustment is at each rear wheel.

If I have missed something, I hope others will add additional comments to clarify the process.

It wasn't difficult.
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Personally after owning several Fords and Dodges with this system... I've never seen a parking brake system that would adjust as mentioned above.... but have had to manually adjust it like mentioned above... Ive never seen one frozen... if I have the rotor off I use and old brake shoe standard for setting up the shoes & I take apart the star adjuster... and give it a little lube...
With the park brake released, hoe much slack do you have in your cables under the cab? Are they tight, do they have some slack when pulling on it. I have a problem where the park brake will randomly not release. Each wheel is adjusted proper and all components other than cables are new. Looked at the park pedal today and it relies on the cables to fully return it. My brakes hold great, but the pedal goes down a little less than half before it grabs. Any suggestions? I looked at the cable adjustment and its rusted solid. Thinking cables are stretched
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