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Does anyone know if you unplug one headlight bulb, will the truck turn off that sides running / park lights?

Heres my story.

Replaced factory head light bulbs with a HID kit that runs off of one headlight (in this case its the drivers side headlight bulb socket) and runs a little harness across to run the other HID in the factory headlight housing and removed the old bulb from the factory wiring socket.

Now for the life of me i cannot figure out why the front and rear running / park lights are not coming on. its not the bulbs in the tail or headlight housing.

Is there some kind of voodoo computer controlled light issue where the truck senses an incorrect voltage on the drivers side of the truck and shuts off thats sides lights?

Im at a total loss here. I installed a factory headlight bulb into the socket and kept it in the fender and nothing has corrected it self.
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