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Painted Door Handles ?

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I kinda like the painted look on the LTZ Duramax's and was thinking about going the same way.

Anyone have painted door/tailgate handles? Pics? I'm thinking about having that done when I get my new rear sport bumper painted. Price estimates anyone?
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I agree that they look great, but you don't have to sand it smooth, Just scotch-brite(I use red on doorhandles) it thoroughly and use a adhesion promoter( I use Bulldog-midcoat adhesion promoter). Make sure your parts are clean, scuffed REALLY good and remeber to use a quality paint. You should get years of use out of the handles. Just remember, handles are a high impact area and your going to end up with a chip, scratch or rub after time. You can touch up paint the handles easily when that happens with normal touch-up paint. I've probably paint 800"one color" jobs and never had any real issues. They newer Fords plastics are harder to paint and require some extra effort, but nothing more than being VERY thorough and taking your time.

On the same note, I know guys that have done it with a sink scrubber(literally), and some Walmart rattle can flexible primer and paint and theirs lasts for years too. Go figure?

If you have it done at a shop, ask how long they will warranty the job. If they mess it up, your stuck with it---not them
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