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Painless Wiring Striker Diesel MD

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Has any one used one of these or know how well they work?

The all new Striker Diesel MD is your prescription for maximum diesel performance. Diesel MD is the only module on the market that allows you to fine tune the power curves beyond the factory settings. Now you can dial fuel and boost pressures in an infinite number of combinations for the most precise tuning possible. Here's how it works.

All bolt-on diesel power modules interrupt signals from the fuel and boost pressure sensors. Each sensor transmits a signal ranging from 0 Volts to 5 Volts. Our diesel "multiplier on demand" tuning system captures these signals, applies a scale factor to them and then transmits to the ECM. Power gains are the result of applying these scale factors to boost pressure and fuel pressure signals. Until now you've never been able to decide your own scale factors. Until Diesel MD, that is.

Modification on the boost and fuel pressure scale factors is simple. Just select a preprogrammed profile to modify, press the menu key. Then, using the up and down keys, you can add or subtract from each scale factor by hundredths. Discover hidden fuel economy or give a familiar payload its own tune. The Diesel MD allows you to create a custom profile for your own personal needs. You can tweak it any time as conditions change.

Striker Diesel MD comes with ten pre-calibrated power levels. You can use these preset levels or modify then at your choosing. Later, if you decided to make other performance modifications like exhaust, turbo, fuel pumps, intake, etc., you can easily fine tune the Diesel MD to accommodate the changes.
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