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P2509 fix

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Trying to clear this code I've checked all grounds, battery connections with new batteries, all battery and ground cables are less then a year old, checked the plugs and pins in the ECU and checked the alternator voltage. Never fixed the code. I took apart the TIPM and noticed a little corrosion in a female part of the plug. Looked a little closer and saw what looked to be a missing pin. I looked at the plug on the harness and sure enough, the pin was in the plug. I will update once i get these parts replaced, but this might be an area you wanna look if you're have an issue.

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Update. I got the TIPM installed and the check engine light has not come on after 20 minutes of driving/idling. Before the check engine light would come on right when I start up the truck. Now my airbag light comes on but I don't have any check engine light.
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