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P2509 code

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Did the cycle the key on and off three consecutive times and it gave me p2509 code. What does this code mean and what do I need to do to fix and clear it. It was on a 04 2500 4x4 with 126,000 miles
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Buy two new batteries.
I bought 2 new batteries, cleaned all grounds did nothing.
I had to take to my dealer and have reflashed.
How much they charge to reflash??
Will check the batteries in the morning

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Did you add any electronics to it lately that required grounding on the inside drivers fender ground bolt?
Yes added a backup camera and it grounded there

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Go tighten that bolt again, that bolt is really sensitive and will throw that code if not tightened enough. Clear the code as well.
Anytime man
How much they charge to reflash??
They charged me nothing.
I have a letter from Chrysler warranting my ecm for life.
It was cheaper for them to reflash then giving me a new one.
Anyone with a 05 should check if yours is the same.
I bought mine new, I am not sure about a used truck.
I jumped in my truck yesterday and noticed the check engine light on, checked codes and I had P0602, P2509, P1755. Tried to drive it and the auto trans wouldn't shift out of first. Did some reading on here and determined the batteries were probably the culprit (original from Aug 2004). Replaced with Duracell's (East Penn mfg) from Sam's and all is well. I've know I needed batteries for a while because of the slow starts but tried to hold off long as possible, the driver’s side battery was so bad the neg post actually pulled out of the battery when I was removing the terminal LoL.
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