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P2262 & Rising Oil Level

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Just talked to my dealer about a P2262 code and my oil level rising and going in for a new turbo install. I expressed concern over any cleaning and they indicated they don't go that route but install new turbos for repeated P2262 codes. Other than the dash light, there is no degradation in how it runs - it's really a great ride.

I assume I'll end up with some newer flash now that the turbo gets replaced, just hope it doesn't hurt my mileage as I've been getting over 19 mpg hand calculated running 60-65 empty. That started with summer fuel and crossing the 13,000 mile mark.

Not sure about the oil level climbing yet - definitely not anything other than fuel, unless soot somehow thicken it to raise it like it does.
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I changed my oil today. Before I drained it all I let some out till it got it the safe area on the dipstick. Uhhhhhh, 1 1/2 quarts extra! Thats 13 1/2 quarts drained total. Wait till around 30,000 to 40,000 miles, you'll gain oil or I mean diesel.
The rising oil level is not oil, it's fuel making it's way into your crankcase from regen cycles. After 16,000 miles (with oil changes at every 4000) I put on H&S's dpf delete kit. Every oil change since has been the 3 gallons that I put more extra oil.

I am not sure that the addition to the oil is diesel. When I smell the oil it does not smell like diesel. I think it is soot. I also found some info on Valvoline's website that leads me to believe that the reason the oil level goes up is due to soot.

"Premium Blue contains DPT — Dispersive Polymer Technology"

"DPT keeps soot particles in suspension so that the oil maintains optimum flow characteristics in cold weather and at operating temperatures."

Engine Oil
Most CJ-4 oils have that technology. Amsoil 5w40 is good with soot control. That being said, Im not really worried about the soot. Well, Iam in a way because it leads to the accumulation of acids in your oil. I know all oils after a while will gain acids, metal and even water; but the added soot (carbon) is still in the oil. Its suspended yes, but its still passing through the filter and engine, just not sticking. It does raise viscosity, if its not a liquid and is added to the oil, it will surely raises viscosity. Thus causing slower circulation. The only sure way to beat the excess carbon in your oil is the DPF delete and EGR bypass. Diesel, if left out in an open container for a couple of days eventually changes in smell, as will gasoline. Later
I got the dreaded P2262 yesterday. I dropped off my truck tonight at the stealership. Hopefully I'll have it back in a few days. On the paper I filled out, there was a check mark asking if I wanted to keep the old parts, so I checked it. I figured they would keep it and do a rebuild on it or something.
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