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P2262 code and TSB

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They gave me back my truck- not fixed. The dealer said dodge is releasing a TSB to clean the turbo and resolve the 2262 code. THey are going to fix next tuesday. I hope they get it done by thrusday cause I'm heading north for a week of fishing. I wonder what they'll do if they can't fix by thursday. I'll need a rental truck to tow my boat.
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When they work on your truck or don't work on your truck you need to have them write up a ticket with the error code and what they did or couldn't do.Insist they do and don't leave till they do. All you need is three tickets with the same issue and you can force them to get you another truck or lemon that one out.
Great! NOW you tell me! lol I threw the 2262 code on my truck over the last weekend at 7000 miles on my truck. I had an appointment for this morning and when I get it back there is nothing about the 2262 code on my ticket, they write up a P2000 code and give me the AP flash saying this will fix it. I asked about the 2262 code that I found by using the key trick and the service lady said "you can't go by that, we put it on our computer and it goes deeper than that code, our computer gets to the source of the problem." They also updated the overhead stuff and put the label on my visor. We will see what happens now, I guess:RANTIN:
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