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p2262 and my mileage has dropped

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:CRY: well i just got my truck back from an extended stay at my local dealer for a 2262. when i dropped it off on Tuesday the service manager walked up to me and said well its going to take 3-4 days. i asked him how he could tell it was going to take that long and he said that the entire exhaust including the EGR would have to be removed. all thiss was before he had even put the star scan tool on the truck. I guess his crystal ball was working really good. well anyway i got my truck back on Friday and as soon as i started to drive it i noticed that it felt a little more responsive and i liked it. but thats not my grip, my grip is that i lost about 7 miles a gallon:CRY: i dropped from 20.3MPG to 13.1MPG. this i BS if knew that them cleaning out the soot buildup was going to reduce my mileage i would have never taken it in. im glad that i ordered my DPF delete from Lyle at BADP i hope it gets my mileage back.