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P040D Engine Code

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I have a 2011 3500 Cummins that has the EGR deleted as well as the DPF deleted with a straight pipe all the way back. I recently had the engine light come on with the red flashing lighting bolt at the same time. Didn’t seem to affect performance and the next time I ran the truck, just the engine light was on, which turned off after a few days. Driving it again today, both lights came on again, and the truck surged once while accelerating. It also sounded like it was idling louder. It looks like older threads have been posted about this, but not sure answers. Anyone ever figure it out? My truck is deleted and tuned, but I don’t have a tuner in the truck. It was burned onto my computer by my mechanic. I’m probably going to take it to him and let him check the tune.
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