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P0234 code

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Pulled a p0234 code (over boost). From reading a a bunch of threads I found that Mopar man says it's not the map sensor but is the wastegate instead but I can hear the blowoff when I let off the pedal so is there any other explanation?
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Also just so y'all know. It's bone stock and I've read I can just get a boost cooler but I'd rather fix the problem instead of covering it up
I'm not sure what blowoff you are hearing since the wastegate is the only exit other than thru the turbine. Do you have a boost gauge? What is your psi? I think once the map sees over 20 it will flip the light. Chances are your gate is stuck, unless there is a j hook which will hold the gate closed a bit longer and build a few more lbs. This would likely trip the light. A boost fooler isn't necessarily a band aid. If you have a different turbo etc it will make more boost and trip the CEL the fooler lies to the map and says its only seeing 20#. So there is no need for a light.
I may be using the wrong word by saying blowoff I'm new to the turbo stuff but whatever the pshhhhhh sound is whenever I let off the pedal I assume is the wastegate opening. No I don't have a boost guage. If the gate is stuck how do I get it unstuck?
Ok just caught myself being ignorant. I didn't realize the difference between a blowoff and wastegate. I guess what I'm hearing is just the turbo winding down. But I'm still curious how to get the wastegate unstuck
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