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P0206 When TST is Installed

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I installed my TST tonite and when I started it the CEL comes on and my Smarty reads a P0206 which is Injector #6 Control Circuit.:CRY: I checked my connection and nothing changes. So I pulled the TST and harnesses and it runs normal. The injector harness I was using was brand new from TST. Could this harness be bad??? Thanks.

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I'm not sure. Does this mean I have to send it in to have ir reflashed or should I try the other harness I have to see what happens???
id try the other harness, if the same id send the module back... sorry to hear
I'm gonna try the other harness on Saturday. I hope it works.:pray:
Ok I installed the TST with the old harnesses and IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!:woot::woot::woot: Now for my next question. I have my Smarty on SW8 and while I was driving around I bumped the TST up to 3x0 and I noticed that my smoke clears up quicker when I hammer it. Is this normal???
I'm not sure. Truck seems to move. I wonder if the TST's timing has to do with it.
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