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I am putting an 04.5 commonrail in a Super Duty. I'm almost through the install and once I fired up the engine I had a DTC of P1093, fuel rail pressure too high. I have been through everything and I think I found the problem. With the rail pressure sensor unplugged, I am seeing 5 volts out of the signal line. As far as I know, I should not have this. I have a good 5 volt feed on the F855 wire and a good ground on the K915 return circuit, but I also have 5 volts on the K181 signal circuit. I don't believe any voltage should be on this line without the sensor plugged in because nothing is being returned.

So, I thought it was a short somewhere in the harness. I tore the whole harness apart and there isn't one. I cut the at the pcm 60 pin connector, pin 12 and checked it there. I am still seeing 5 volts at this wire.

Does this mean it's a bad pcm? Has anyone heard of this before, or it this normal? I am unfamiliar with how dodge computers work.

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