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Last night i hosed down the motor and try to clean it up a bit. But this morning the truck didn't seem to start correctly. It was kinda hesitant. When i left work this afternoon, it started to die and the check engine light came on. I kinda started to sound like a powerstroke(thats how bad it sounded). I was like it was getting now fuel, it would speed up and slow down by itself. SO, After a $300 60 mile tow from Washington dc to Baltimore, i found out it was Trouble code P0192 Fuel Rail Sensor Circuit Low. Any ideas? do i need a new rail sensor? any help would be great.
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Pull the plug and make sure no wires got messed up and make sure the plug is dry. May also be caused by the Xzilla...
i squirted some compressed air in the connections and plugged it back in, but it will not clear the code. My friend brought over his snap on computer and every time he cleared the code, it would keep coming back.
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