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p pump?

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is it possible to put a p pump on an 93 motor, and what is the average cost to do if possible?
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I am having a problem with my ve pump leaking from the delivery banjo fitting and the fuel delivery lines on the pump head. What do I do?
i bought the truck for 300 bucks and traded my 91 model nissan truck for it, so i think i got a smokin deal LOL...
I really appreciate your advice. being part of this cummins forum is awsome. now, are the washers copper? just incase they needa be replaced?
the only pic i have is the one set as my avatar. lol. I have a video of it running but its in the dark. I can try to put it on youtube or somethin
I was wanting to put an overdrive tranny in it too. its only a 3 speed with no overdrive. with 3.08 gears in it, it would do great on fuel mileage with an overdrive
yeah. its an old winch bed with gin poles and electric winch. its not on the truck anymore. I want an aluminum western hauler bed or just original dually bed.
I just uploaded my video on youtube. the name of the video is (blue1ton) just like its spelled. its the video thats ,only 18 seconds long. its the first video on the page. the video looks dark or just black cause you cant see anything like i said before.
you prob wont believe this but i got on gsa government auctions online and found an old military war tank barrel and bought it lol. im going to use the last three feet of the barrel as a stack for my truck. im also leaving the flame arrester on the end of it lol. its gonna look bad ace.
do you know where i can find a dually bed for my truck???
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i would but the bed has cancer all over it. i would have to pretty much rebuild it. its not worth it but i will give craigs list a try and thanks for the advice once again. check out this website. its called ( they have those really short first gen dodge trucks for sale with 30,000 or less miles for pennies on the dollar. im goin to one of their auctions at tinker air force base in Oklahoma city to buy one for bout 600 to 1000 bucks. its gonna be awsome. my friends are goin to buy a duce and a half for 1000 bucks.
yeah. im prob gonna paint the truck flat black and put black 16 or 17 inch wheels on it. its gonna be nice. im gonna use the truck for hot shotting cattle and some other stuff.
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