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Overheating 08

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I have an 08 6 speed auto and it heated up slightly while I was pulling a stock trailer the other day. It was a 24 foot trailer with about 8000 pounds on it, and I dont think it should have gotten over halfway on the guage just going up a short grade. Is anybody else having this trouble?
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I've pulled my travel trailer over some serious grades in OR and the gauge never moves. My trailer weighs about 9000lbs.
Sounds normal to me, mine rides just under half unloaded, right at half to just over half way on the gauge loaded. It does and is get pretty hot around here though, been breaking into the 100's for a couple weeks now.
i had 19,000lbs behind me, the tranny got up to 220 degrees just for about 20 mins in a traffic jam. It would stay around 185 to 195 in the hills, and around 165 to 185 on the flats. the coolant stayed around 205 to 215
I've been dragging my trailer around for a couple days and my temps got up to around 205 degrees sitting in some heavy DC traffic. As soon as the fan kicks on it drops quickly though. Try turning the A/C on if the temp starts going up. In my 03 I could do that and the temps would always drop because the cooling fan would automatically kick in when the A/C was on.....

What kind of temps were you seeing rsharpe?
I've come to the conclusion that its the EGR putting additional load on the cooling system... anyone been able to bypass the EGR cooler and confirm my assumption?
My Edge is set to alert me if some temps hit a predetermined temperature. I am going to have to raise the engine temp alert as the engine will hit 210 degrees while towing. Either the fan kicks in or the thermostat opens as the temp drops to around 205 shortly after it hits 210. The truck stays at 215 when pulling some long mountain passes. Mine seems to be cooling fine even under stress of a long hill climb...which is what I would expect of these trucks.
If you don't have your egr blocked you do not want to bypass the egr cooler. If you do you will be sending 1000+ degrees back into the intake. Of course this may help you stay out of active regen. Just kidding.
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