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after you check the electric lockup fan clutch like the guys said above:

auto tranny?
if so, the stock OEM Slip Master Dodgematic torque converter slips and overheats worse than a 50 year old stretched out whore on meth. get a triple disc TC, an upgrade valve body and the soleniod upgrade from one of the site sponsors. Add a torque converter lockup switch.
use a real 100 PAO/ester ATF like Amsoil or Redline. add a high capacity cooling pan to the tranny.
best bang for the buck

No slip =s far less heat.

coming up to the hills, double tap the Tow/Haul button to lock the transmission into 3rd and pop on the TC lockup switch. shift down to 2nd if the rpms drop below 2k.
you're massively overloading the tranny in 4th OD lockup with the overly large 19.5 rim/tires and the over spec tow load for just a 4 speed auto tranny.

anytime the TC is out of lockup, it's fluid coupling slipping and pumping massive amount of heat into the ATF

the 48RE is not designed for heavy towing behind a narrow rpm range diesel like the Cummins. far too wide gears changes to keep the Cummins happily in it's torque power band on a hard pull. Chrysler/Dodge does not have the financial or engineering depth to build outstanding transmissions in any category.

an EGT gauge is mandatory for long engine life on a Cummins. these HPCR engines are easily turned into melted aluminum
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