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I took out the pan hard bar because it hit the oil pan. Now I need to fabricate a new one. I have cross steering and the drag link pushes the axle to the side and it binds up.

I will be going with a custom interior. The truck does not have any carpet, headliner, or door panels right now. I will be sewing my own black vinyl diamond pleat for everything but the seat. I am using a seat from a 90's era truck. I don't want to use vinyl on the seat, it is too cold in the winter.

When you turn off your pump while cranking is it because there is too much pressure at start up?
You will have to put up some pics as you go. I had a '66 short box 4X4 ford truck. Wish I still had it. That will be one bad truck when it's finished.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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