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Opinion on what look to go with

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Picked up some 17" 3rd gens.

Torn between going with a 285/75/17 or a 295/70/17.
Im going with either a toyo mt or cooper discoverer sst. Ive broused the stock with big meat and other fitment forums. Im just looking for a few opinions on which size would look best on a qclb all stock. Not worried about rubbing. I have 285/75/16 that are bald on there now. Ill snap a pick to show you guys how it sits right now.
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You are basically comparing a 34x11.50 tire (285/75-17) to a 34x12.00 tire so their is very little differenc. Both will look great, but the Toyo is a better tire so I'd go with them.
Bigger is better.

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Im tryin to go as big as i can without any lift. I plan on a lift but thats a few years down the road. So 285-295 are gunna do it for me i think. I dont need to kill my turning radius
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