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OMG truck is dead......ish

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Dumping oil out exhaust, rpm's all over the place, truck shakes like crazy, no power sounds like sh!t. Im thinking injectors or a stuck valve also when i take off the oil filler cap puffs of smoke come out this is blow by????? not sure what it is or what causes it but my truck is hurtin any ideas whats wrong
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If your getting blowby from the breather........ Its not good. You could pull the exhaust manifold and see which runner the oil is comming from and then pull the head to see if you can see if there is anything that jumps out at you. Theres only a few ways the oil can come from the exhaust,1 seal bad in turbo, 2 oil ring damage, 3 hole in piston, 4 dropped valve seat, 5 valve stem seals. If the truck is shaking and not running good at all it might be the s third or fourth one.
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