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Ok I've decided on what bigger tires to get for my dually am I missing anything here?

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1999 Ram 3500 Diesel 4X4

So after much reading, eyeballs cramping up, the budget swelling to $5-7000 for some stuff I was looking at :shock: I decided my biggest bang for the buck setup for bigger tires is as follows.

315/75/16 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac Load Range E (3860 lbs) 64 PSI max
(basically a 35X12.50)

Stuffed on the stock wheels. I was a lil iffy about this but seems tons of people are running em on stock 6" wheels with no reported problems besides maybe being a lil rounded on the tread on some tires.

2" spacers for between the rear duals. Suggestions on brands?

2.5" Top Gun Customz leveling spacer.

OPTIONAL: Either a 1" taller (2" total) block for the rear or some add a leafs to lift it another inch or two.

Seems I won't need longer brake lines or anything else, or am I missing something??? Anyone have any input, good idea, bad idea, you just saw your neighbor chasing a sheep with his pants down and you feel like sharing etc?
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65 psi is what a "C" or "D" has for max psi. That is really weird an "E" has that low of pressure. But I have heard and seen stranger.LOL
Yea 65 is usually a D rated tire. However, big tires a lot of time have a lower pressure rating, it is still a 10 ply tire and can hold more weight than a stock size tire because of the increased surface area.

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