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my gauge stopped workin on the way home yesterday so i had a friend come out and check it out for me, cracked the feed line to the turbo open and stared it up, got oil pressure. so we think its either the sending unit, and or somethin with the gauge itself. where is it sending unit located to replace it?

For those of you with 98.5-2002 ISB engines, the oil pressure sending unit is a $180-250 piece from a parts house. Dealer price is unreal. Cummins offers a silly price on the part, which is worth about $20 tops in my opinion. I got Part number 4921511 for $85, which is a direct replacement.

There is a not so direct replacement, which is a single pin sender and wiring harness that adapts the single pin to the truck wiring. Part number is 3408428 from Cummins. You will need a reflash for the PCM so it understands the new sensor.

The sensor is located on the drivers side of the engine, below the ECM. It can be reached by taking a long extension through the wheel well, just behind the shock tower.
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