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just for the heck of I figured I'd ask because I think I know what the answer will be but will I have to lift the engine on my 98.5 24v to change the oil pan gasket and if so just what will I have to unhook so the engine will lift. Also will I have to jack the trans. while I lift engine just to give it some support?

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I personally haven't had to do this (knock on wood).

I've seen this discussed a few times.

Appears some take it a little further than others.

Your about on track with your thoughts.

* Disconnect batteries

* Remove motor mount bolts

* Remove fan shroud bolts (Some remove the fan and shroud, I wouldn't)

* Remove trans mount bolts

* Lift motor (front & rear lift points) and jack trans carefully (in unison) keeping a close eye on fan/shroud

* Should be able to get enough clearance to sneak the pan out and replace gasket.

Hopefully someone with first hand experience will chime in.:thumbsup:
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