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Hey guys, on my 98 12v I am getting tons of oil out the breather to the point where oil sprayed onto the frame, gas tank, rear axle, etc. and leaks everywhere. Also my CC and vent controls don't work. I assume it's a vacuum issue? Could this also be the issue with my oil "leak"? I have only driven about 10 miles since I noticed the issue. I have seen other threads but since I have vacuum related issues as well is that definitely my problem? I have owned the truck for only about 10 days (but have put over 2000 miles on it already) and I changed the oil with Delo 400 yesterday. Does my vacuum pump need rebuilt? And are there spots I should know about notorious for vacuum leaks?

Also completely unrelated other issue (didn't want to make another thread):
On my 97 12v, it has California emissions which have been deleted with a 4" exhaust, ATS manifold and BD intake. It had a check engine light from insufficient EGR flow which I fixed with the SPDT relay trick, but now my air intake temp sensor doesn't seem to work? My grid heater kicks on every startup regardless of temperature. I know I wired it up it possible I have the wrong relay in there? After all, I did get it from pep boys :hehe:

Thanks everyone!
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